Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Host sues Pats’ Matt Light in casino club fight
By Laurel J. Sweet Tuesday, May 19, 2009 -

UNCASVILLE, Conn. - A VIP host who catered to the whims of the rich and famous at a swank Mohegan Sun nightclub is suing New England Patriot Matt Light [stats], claiming the All-Pro tackle broke his nose during a dance-floor dust-up.

Jacob Herman II, 25, alleges in court papers the 6-foot-4-inch, 305-pound Light left him badly bruised and with two black eyes. Herman underwent surgery to repair a severe deviated septum and depressed left nasal bone fracture, his lawyer said yesterday.

“This (lawsuit) was the only way we could seek a final resolution to the matter,” attorney Robert Fashjian told the Herald.

Herman, of Preston, an interior designer currently studying in Korea, filed his complaint with the casino’s Gaming Disputes Trial Court Nov. 13, accusing Light of intentional assault and battery, negligence and recklessness. No date for the bench trial has been set.

Light’s attorney Mark Fay did not respond to a request for comment, but in court filings Light denies the allegations.

The incident is alleged to have happened on New Year’s Eve, 2007, in the exclusive Blue Room of Ultra 88. Pats players partying with Light included former quarterback Matt Cassel, center Dan Koppen, wide receiver Wes Welker and kicker Stephen Gostkowski, according to a Mohegan Tribal Police report.

Police said surveillance footage shows two groups being separated by club personnel, but “does not show anyone being struck.”

Light later told investigators “he may have pushed someone out of the way en route to help his wife,” who’d motioned to him she was having a problem on the dance floor, but he denied fighting with anyone, police said.

Herman, police noted, had a black-and-blue left eye and a cut on his nose, but refused medical attention.

He claims in his complaint he was trying to pull Light off another man who was being pummeled, when Light turned on him, fists flying.

“Part of the host’s position is to protect the general public and that’s what he was trying to do,” Fashjian said.

A club patron who was punched in the face and identified by police as Gerald Bagley told officers he couldn’t identify who hit him and wanted to leave the club.

Herman, Fashjian said, is “not a sports fan. We’re not taking on the Patriots [team stats], we’re taking on Mr. Light. One would hope we could reach a conclusion. It’s unfortunate that it happened to begin with.”

EDITORIAL FOOTNOTE: Ultra 88 Night Club, in my opinion, is a problem waiting to happen. A lot of the alcohol problems, that seem to happen in the Mohegan Sun Casino, seem to generate from this location. I have been told, that fights and arguments happen there almost nightly. Why didn't we just let them lose their liquor license and take over the club? Was that possible? Is this a problem place, in the casino? What do you think?

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