Tuesday, May 26, 2009


THE CANDIDATES 2009. I talked to tribal members and came away with some choices and rejections of some of the candidates. Here's the list. It is their opinions, use the information anyway you choose.

Of the incumbents, look at their voting record. Bruce "Two Dogs" Bozsum, Lynn Malerba, William Quidgeon, and James Gessner have failed us. They voted for the two bad ethics ordinances, the two bad freedom of information ordinances, the permanent facility at Pocono Downs, the Government Community Center, and other bad business decisions. They don't deserve our votes. They have lost the confidence and support of the tribe.

The only incumbent, that should be saved, is Mark Hamilton. He voted against the two bad ethic ordinances, the two bad freedom of information ordinances, the permanent facility at Pocono Downs (55% to 62% off the top), He voted against the government community center that no one seems to want. He has done a good job for the Mohegan People. He deserves another term.

Mike Bozsum, is the person who allegedly violated the voting ordinance by parking the so called "Pimp Mobile" near the government building and had people giving out things (bumper stickers, pens, coffee mugs, and watches, to voters. If he is not possibly doing it right campaigning, what kind of tribal councilor would he make? Do we need two (2) Bozsums in office?

Former Tribal Councilors were voted out office years ago, because the membership was not happy with their performance. Running again are Roland Harris, Glenn La Vigne, Shirley Walsh, and Christine Murtha. Do we need to go down the road with what some tribal members are calling retreads? Should we give them another chance? i don't think so.

My choices would be Ken Davison, and Mark Sperry. I like John Henry Clark, in fact I think he would make a great Chief, but is he going to keep taking his pension and the salary of a tribal councilor or will he put his penson on hold? This question needs to be addressed.

Other possibles are: William Donehey, Bill Leuze, Bill Gucfa, Aaron Athey

Some of the people, that I wrote about are friends, but that does not change what tribal membes said, so I reported what was said to me.

What I think really doesn't matter. Make sure you vote, the people we now have running our government are failing us terribly, they need to go. We need new blood. We don't need people who have failed us in the past. No second chances. We need smart people who will do the will of the Mohegan People. People who will put the interest of the Mohegan People ahead of their own interest.

We need a more transparent, open, concerned, proactive, nurturing government. Not the unresponsive government we have at present. Think carefully, and vote for good people, not necessarily friends or relatives. We need good people. These are critical times in our history. What do you think?

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