Monday, February 22, 2010


I recently saw a map of Connecticut, circa 1625, Indian Tribes, Villages, (the Connecticut Society of the Colonial Dames of America). It shows the names of tribes in 1625. Some of the tribes still exist, others have disappeared. Look at the list and think about who has gone by the wayside and who still exists.

First --located in south west part of Connecticut near New York borderSouthwestern part of Connecticut around present day Bridgeport

QUINNIPIACS---a little north of present day Bridgeport.

TUNXIS---located just north of the Quinnipiacs.

MENUNKATUCKS---a little east of present day Bridgeport

HAMMONASSETS---located on west bank of Connecticut River near Long Island Sound.

WANGUNKS---located on west side of Connecticut River just north of the Hammonassets.

NEHANTICS-----on east side of Connecticut River by the Long Island Sound.

MOHEGANS--located between the Connecticut and the Thames Rivers north of the Nehantics.

PEQUOTS----located east of the Thames River.

NIPMCKS====located by the Connecticut and Massachusetts borders above the Mohegans.

SICAOGS----located in upper Connecticut River south of present day Hartford.

PODUNKS---located where present day Hartford is.

AGAWAMS----located just north of the Podunks.

POGUONOCKS---located just west of the Podunks

MASSACOE---located north west corner of Connecticut, just west of the Poquonocks

That's the list of the "First People" from the map in 1625. How many are left? Who has disappeared? Do you know? We should thank Mundu that we (the Mohegan Tribe) are still here. What do you think?

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