Wednesday, February 10, 2010


One visitor said that this was no place for anyone on a budget. Someone said that you could stay in the complex and never leave. It's called the City Center.

The facility is 67 acres, it has FOUR hotels, a shopping mall, a casino and even by this town's standards IT'S OVER THE TOP. It cost $8.5 Billion ($8,500,000,000.00). At $8.5 Billion, this is the largest privately financed project in United States history. It took five (5) years of planning and building to complete the project. The project is considered the ultimate in a pedestrian friendly environment.

Let's break it down, there are four (4) hotels.

Number 1 is Aria Resort Casino, a 61 story hotel that has 4,004 hotel rooms, a 150,000 square foot casino, 16 restaurants, a spa, and four (4) pools. Remote controls in the rooms control blinds and lights, etc. The cost of a room starts at $149.00 per night.

Number two (2) is the 57 story, Vedera Hotel, with 1.500 "boutique" suite rooms. It has a roof top pool, a roof top restaurant,and lounge. Rates for a room start at $139.00.

The third (3) hotel is the Mandarin Oriental that is 23 stories with 400 hotel rooms. It has a spa, yoga studio and restaurants. Prices start at about $350.00 per night.

The Fourth hotel is still under construction, it's the 400 room Harmon hotel. It should be opening soon. It is unknown at this moment how much the rooms will be.

There is also the Veer Towers with 674 condos.

The Crystal Retail Center is fifty thousand (50,000) square foot retail center. There are retailers like: Tom Ford, Roberto Cavalli, Louis Vuirton, Bulgari and Cartier. The retail center is like a modern Madison Avenue in New York City.

Inside the facility is $40 Million ($40,000,000.00) in fine art. Amazing.

Two people were reading the menu outside of American Fish. There was Bigeye Tuna for $38.00. The man said the woman, "it's a nice hotel, just don't eat here. If you want something cheap, you have to go outside."

Everything is always, bigger and better in this city. The city is Las Vegas. The place is the City Center. What do you think?

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