Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Tribal Council Moves To Oust Thomas
Leaders charge chairman acted unilaterally on financial crisis; he calls for referendum

By Brian Hallenbeck Published on 9/1/2009

By Associated Press
The Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Council has placed Chairman Michael Thomas on administrative leave“pending the outcome of an internal review.”

Mashantucket Pequot tribal councilors relieved Chairman Michael Thomas of his duties Monday, charging that he “betrayed our trust” by issuing a letter to tribal members describing his plan to deal with the tribe's dire financial circumstances.

The councilors sent an e-mail to Thomas in which they called for his resignation, closed his office and placed him on administrative leave, according to a tribal official who asked not to be named. The e-mail was sent by six members of the seven-member council. Thomas is the seventh member.

EDITORIAL FOOTNOTE: Could the Mohegan Tribal Council do something like this, too?

The question is, what is the Mohegan Tribal council going to do about the debt of the Mohegan Tribe?

Is the situation of the Mohegan Tribal Government as bad as the Mashantucket Pequots?

Should our (the Mohegan Tribes) leaders do something about the enormous debt, the tribe now finds itself in?

In my opinion, the New London Day article, seems to be hinting that maybe there was either wrong doing or just bad decisions, made by the Mashantucket Pequot leaders. What do you think?

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