Saturday, April 25, 2009


Section 7. Proibited Conduct during Elections

(a) for the purposes of this section, the followingterms shall have the following meanings:

1) Bribery of a Registered Voter", A person in guilty of Bribery of a Registered Voter; if he/she offers, confers or agrees to confer upon a registered voter of the Tribe("beneficiary") any monetary benefit or anything regarded by the beneficiaryas a monetary benefit (including benefit to any person or entity in whose welfare the beneficiary is interested) with the intent to influence the beneficiary in reapect to how he/she will vote an election.

2)Bribe Receiving by a Registered Voterer"; A registered voter is guilty of Bribe Receiving if he/she solicits, accepts,or agrees to accept any monetary benefit or anything that he/she would regard as a monetary benefit (incluing benefit to any person or entity in whose welfare he/she is interested) from another person upon an agreement of understanding that such benefit will influence him/her in respect to how he/she will vote in an election.

3) "Coercion" To compel or induce another person to engage in conduct which such other person has a legal right to abstain from engaging in, or to abstain from engaging in conduct in which such other person has a legal right to engage, by means of instilling in such other a fear that, if the demand is not complied with, the actor or another will: (1) commit any criminal offense; or (2) accuse any person of a criminal offense; or (3) expose any secret tending to subject any person to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or to impair any person's credit or business repute; or (4) take or withhold action as an elected official of the Tribe, or cause an elected official of the Tribe to take or withold action; however, a person is not guilty of coercion under subsections (2), (3), or (4) if the actor reasonably belived the accusation or secret to be true or the proposed official action is justified and that his/her purpose was limited to compelling the other person to behave in a way reasonably related to the circumstances which were the subject of the accusation, exposure or proposed official action, as by desisting from further misbehaving or making good a wrong done.

EDITORIAL FOOTNOTE: This is the conduct that must be upheld by Mohegan Tribal Members running for elected office.

There are questions that have arose from some of the campaigning going on this election.. I don't kow if what is being done is legal, fair or moral. What I do know, is what I've seen. It is actually quite ingeiolus.

One is a white van with the likeness of the candiate on it parked in the Mohegan Sun Casino parking lot. Government workers and casino workers who have seen the van are allegedly laughing about it. The workers have allegedly named it the pimp mobile.

This candidate has given out bumper stickers, pens, coffee travel mugs and watches. The coffee mugs, the pens and the bumper stickers may not be a problem, the watch, however, may be.

Is this willful misconduct? Is it egregious? Doe this harm the tribe? Does this harm other candidates? Is it detrimental to the tribe? Is this a violation of the election ordinance or some other policy?

Could this person be getting away with something because of his family ties? Is this a problem? Should somethng be done about it? Is this in good taste? Does this violate the intent of the law? Does this behavior make the Mohegan Tribe look bad? Is this the kind of person, we want on our tribal council? I don't know. Do you know?

Should the Mohegan Tribal Election Committee do something about this? I don't know. If you don't like this conduct, you should tell the Election Committee. If this conduct, bothers you and nothing is done about it, remember it at election time.. Do you care? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think you need to stop worrying about what someone is handing out while running during an election. As long as it isn't money it shouldn't matter. They are trying to get their name and face out there whatever way possible,stop knocking them. The president goes around kissing babies,shouldn't there be a problem with that?

Anonymous said...

I would like to say something, I am not a tribal member and don't have any pert in any of this but as I see it there is no difference in what he is doing and what our great president did and all the other members who ran, its getting your name out there and having people see your name is a huge part of the "GAME" I am not for or against his practice of handing out things, but Its not a bribe in any way shape or form, I have spoken with him and I have see him handing out his items and not once have I heard him say " if I give you this watch you have to vote for me". I think that it might be just a bit overboard and over the top but seeing he is the first person to use this kind of tactic I expected him to take some heat. Best of luck to all the candidates and May the best ones win.