Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Just recently, it was a beautiful sunny spring day, in the sixties (60's), and I decided I needed to do some execise, since I had been cooped up all winter. I thought a nice walk in Mohegan Park would be the perfect thing to do. Off to Norwich.

I drove over the Thames River, past the Mohegan Monument, past the mall with its memorials to the war dead of Norwich, (brave men and women all), right at the gas station, past the schools, and up the hills in to Mohegan Park. I parked the car.

It was a cool day with a slight breeze. I started walking the extimated mile and a half walk on the black topped paved eight foot wide paths along the road around Mohegan Park. I looked out and thought, the leaves will be popping out of the limbs soon. Soon there will flowers. No more winter. I thought, had my ancestors, walked in this same area many moons ago.

As I walked, I thought how beautiful Connecticut really is. When we look at the combination of trees, rocks and the hills, it quite tranquil and peaceful, complete. I thought, did our ancestors, really enjoy, this or were they so busy living that they didn't see it or feel it. Is it true, you can see the forest but not the trees? Do we need to stand back and look at the whole picture? Is there more than meets the eye? Do we take ourselves too seriously?

I walked past, where last fall, there had been a small stream about two feet wide, it wasn't there. I guess, not enough rain fall, it must have dried up. It reminded me how things are continually changing. I had expected to see the stream, but it was not there. Would it be there again?

I walked over the little wooden bridge and looked at the stram below, the water swirling, spashing against its rocks, headed south. I thought where is the water going? The bottom of the stram, like most strams in Cnnecticut), was filled with brown mud and brown rocks. I thought there doesn't seem to be anything living in the water. I thought, is the water cold? ould it be okay to drink it? Not me, I am not going to drink the water? I then thought of Uncas' Sring, and how in the old days a cup was always there for vistors of the spring to have a drink. I thoght it is pring, I should check it out. Time to go.

Up the path, past the parking lots, the arbor, the play ground and the pond. Kids were trying their luck at fishing. Some ducks were in the water near the edge of the pond looking up at me as I passed. I thought is this like when you go to the zoo and see the apes? What were they thinking? What did they think of me?

Over another wooden bridge, it had been painted with a redwood stain, the stain had worn away exposing the bare fir wood of the base of the bridge. It needed to be painted. Oh, well not my job. I looked at the spring, that went under the bridge, and thought little stream, where did you start? Keep walking.

As I walked along the pond, I thought, soon it will be summer and people will be swimming at the beach on the other side of the pond. It will be noisy and not quiet like now. I walked to the water fountain. It was off, so I decided to sit on the park bench, and just think. I looked over at the statues of the Mohegan family, that are there, the same stautes that at one time, we had at the Mohegan Sun winter entrance. I thoughtb where are our stautes? Our Mohegan family? When will the casino bring them back?

I climbed the hill, back to my car. I drove out of the park, thinking how good it felt to be alive. How lucky and good it is to be a Mohegan. It was a good day for one Mohegan. What do you think/

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