Monday, August 16, 2010


Massachusetts town remains hopeful for Mohegan Tribe casino
Friday, August 13, 2010

A bill to legalize gaming in Massachusetts remains in limbo but officials and business leaders in the western part of the state are optimistic the Mohegan Tribe of Connecticut will be able to open a casino there.

Leaders from the town of Palmer and from the tribe met this week to discuss the future of the project. The two parties agreed to start working on a memorandum of understanding for municipal services and infrastructure at the proposed Mohegan Sun Palmer.

The bill under consideration would authorize three casinos, including one in western Massachusetts. The tribe would have to bid on the facility and pay taxes and other fees to the state.


EDITORIAL FOOTNOTE: Where are the Mohegans going to get the money to fund this venture, if they are selected to put a casino in Palmer?

Who are they going to get as a partner? How is a casino with probably less than a million people within 50 miles of it, going to support a casino costing between $500 million and One Billion Dollars?

Do the Mohegans have the funds to do this deal on their own? I DOUGHT IT.

Is this another bad deal like Pocono Downs? Are the members of the Mohegan Tribe being asked to make scrafices, because of a bad business decisions the MTGA has made in the past and continues to make, at the same time looking to expand? What do you think?

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