Friday, August 27, 2010


New York governor cites potential for 'violence' over state taxes
Friday, August 27, 2010

New York Gov. David Paterson (D) will go forward with plans to impose a tobacco tax on reservations despite acknowledging the potential for "violence and death."

Starting on September 1, the state will impose a tax on tobacco sold to non-Indians. "There will be quite an uprising and protest to this, but I am going to maintain this policy," Paterson said on WOR-AM.

Paterson doesn't plan on sending state troopers to reservations. In the past, there have been clashes between law enforcement and tribal activists who opposed the tax.

"This is a very dangerous situation," Paterson said. "There is a -- I think -- high alert. The State Police tells us over and over again that there could be violence and death as a result of some of the measures we're taking."

EDITORIAL FOOTNOTE: Article from Could what happened in Rhode Island several years ago, now happen in New York? What do you think?

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