Friday, April 9, 2010


Shinnecock Nation leader plans to resume push for casino Thursday, April 8, 2010

Members of the Shinnecock Nation of New York put Lance Gumbs, a gaming supporter, back on the tribe's board of trustees.

Gumbs wants the tribe to open a casino near its reservation in Long Island. But in the past year, another trustee, Fred Bess, started looking at options closer to New York City.

Bess lost his bid for re-election this week. Gumbs said he expects Bess to continue playing a role in gaming issues.

"We still have a lot of work to do, and we’ll all be working together,” Gumbs told he Southampton Press. “Fred is an integral part of our community. He and I have worked together for the last 20 years on this, and it’s not something he’s going to walk away from, just like I didn’t last year.”

The tribe's bid for federal recognition is expected to be finalized this summer.
Get the Story:Gumbs returned to Shinnecock Nation leadership role by vote (The Southampton Press 4/7)

EDITORIAL FOOTNOTE: Once again, we see a Native American tribe working together for the good of the tribe.

Personalities don't seem to get in the way amongst the Shinnecocks. Wanting to do what is in the best interest of tribe comes first. Could the Mohegan Tribe learn from the Shinnecocks?

The Mohegan Tribal Council and other members of the Mohegan Tribal Government, don't seem to like criticism. The leaders of the Mohegan Tribe only want praise. Is there fractions inside the Mohegan Tribe? Do the leaders lash out at anyone who doesn't agree with them?

Are the leaders of the Mohegan Tribe doing a good job? Is their job performance an indication of their success or failures? Could the Mohegan Tribe learn from the example in the Shinnecock article? What do you think?

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