Thursday, April 15, 2010


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Posted Apr 14, 2010 @ 01:09 PM

House lawmakers are set to continue debating a bill to license two resort-style casinos in Massachusetts and allow up to 3,000 slot machines at the state's four race tracks.

The bill was filed by Democratic Speaker Robert DeLeo, who is trying to persuade House lawmakers to support the plan. Just two years ago, the House voted overwhelmingly to defeat a bill filed by Gov. Deval Patrick to license three resort-style casinos.

On Tuesday, lawmakers spent 11 hours debating some of the more than 200 proposed amendments, beating back one proposal calling for a public hearing on the bill.

DeLeo is hoping for a two-thirds vote on the bill to withstand a potential veto by Patrick, who opposes slot machines at the race tracks.

Patrick has not said whether he would veto the bill.

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EDITORIAL FOOTNOTE: Gambling casinos and racinos are coming to Massachusetts. The question, that should concern Mohegans, is will there be two or three resort casinos?

It looks like there will only be two resort casinos. In Brokenwing's opinion, one will be in the Boston area. That leaves one resort casino. Do you you put one in the southeest part of the state with a larger population, or put in the northwest part of the state which for the most part is very rural.

The facts are after Worcester (west of the city) there isn't a large enough population to justigy building a resort hotel casino.


Could this be another bad bet by the MTGA (Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority)? Is putting a casino in Palmer, Massachusetts a long shot?

Is the MTGA spending more good money on a bad proposal, that may never happen? Should the MTGA give up on Palmer now? What do you think?

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