Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The other day, I went to the MGM Grand at Foxwoods Resort Casino. I went to see how business was and to try a slice of cheese cake. I heard that Junior's was the best, so I thought I would try it. Junior's, I have been told has it's roots in Brooklyn, New York.

The casinos and parking garages were kind of empty. It really wasn't too busy, when you are in casinos that hold over six thousand slot machines. People seemed to be having fun though.

I sat at the counter at Junior's and ordered some coffee and a piece of plain cheese cake with fresh strawberries on top. The waitress told me that the fresh strawberries would be an extra four dollars. I said okay. The total for just the cheese cake came to about $12.00. I thought, hey your in a casino, people expect to pay more. The cheese cake was really good for what you find in Southeastern Connecticut. However, my companion and I have had better in New York and other places.

The restaurant was clean, bright and quite attractive. The waitress was excellent. Junior's, as well as the MGM Grand Casino and Hotel could be in Las Vegas or anywhere. It doesn't look like an Native American casino.

I thought as I was leaving Foxwoods Resort Casino, that the two casinos in Connecticut are mega facilities. Foxwoods probably is right when it bills itself as the world's largest casino.

As I drove away, I thought of how the slices are precut and you only get a certain portion of the entire pie. I thought, there is only one gambling pie. The Mohegan Sun needs to get a larger slice of the pie. We need to make the pie more attractive. We need it to taste better. We need to out think the competition and make our product better than everyone else. We need to keep our slice of pie from getting smaller.

Is the casino business like a pie? Does the Mohegan Sun need to get a larger piece of the pie? What do you think?

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