Monday, November 16, 2009


Recently, I received a call telling me that the WHITE ELEPHANT was loosing its skin, on top of a hill on the Mohegan Reservation.

The WHITE ELEPHANT turned out to be the new Mohegan Tribal Government Community Center building. What was happening was the shrink wrap was tearing or ripping off the building. We have been informed that Grey Wolf and another company are doing the repairs. When I looked at it, you could barely tell it had ripped. Good job Grey Wolf.

Some tribal members have said the place is jinxed or possessed. Bad vibrations. Not a good place. Could that possibly be true?

One thing is obviously apparent, why did the Mohegan Tribal Government, (the Mohegan Tribal Council) ever start building this WHITE ELEPHANT, that no one seems to want?

Should we hold Bruce "Two Dogs" Bozsum, Lynn Malerba, James Gessner, William Quidgeon, Allison Johnson, Thayne Hutchins, Mark Brown, and Cheryl Todd responsible for this WHITE ELEPHANT? These are the people who voted to build the WHITE ELEPHANT.

What will newly elected Kathy Regan-Pyne do about this situation?

Should it ever be finished? Who builds a building that doesn't have the finances in place to do it? If they (the Mohegan Tribal Council) ever restart the project, how much will the financing cost us (the Mohegan Tribe)? At what interest rate?

Will it be at between 11% to 12%, like the Casino recently agreed to pay to borrow $200 Million ($200,000,000.00)? THE ORIGINAL LOANS WERE REPORTED TO HAVE BEEN BETWEEN 3% TO 4%. Not a good situation. Not smart business. Should the MTGA (the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority) be made to explain this?

The MTGA's credit rating is CCC-. Is that true? Are they at JUNK BONDS Status?

I believe in the near future, Mohegan Tribal members will be asked to make sacrifices, because of the financial situation the Mohegan Tribal Council has put us in. One of the reasons for our (the Mohegan Tribe's) financial woes is the building of the WHITE ELEPHANT.


Is the new Mohegan Tribal Government Community Center truly a WHITE ELEPHANT? Is Mother Earth trying to tell us something, by the winds ripping the shrink wrap? What do you think?


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Plankowner said...

I heard something else disturbing today that perhaps others would like to comment on.
It was that even though 2dogs is now vice chair, he is still collecting the pay that he got as Chairman - can this be true. Apparently this started under Chairman Brown, when he lost out to 2dogs. Can anyone shed the light on this? This seems to much to believe.
Thank you.