Friday, November 6, 2009


UPDATED: 8:36 pm CST November 5, 2009

MILWAUKEE -- Dozens of Dairyland Greyhound Park workers rallied to try and save their jobs on Thursday.

The workers demonstrated in front of the federal courthouse in downtown Milwaukee.

They're trying to gather support from Wisconsin's two senators to help persuade the U.S. interior secretary to approve building a casino at the Kenosha dog track.

The Menominee tribe has been trying to put a casino inside there for years and hopes of saving the financially troubled track.

"This needs to get approved. This has been on the desk for 10 years and we need to move forward and start creating jobs like has been promised," Jeff Deavers, Dairyland Greyhound Park said.

Dairyland's management has until Nov. 16 to decide whether or not to keep the dog track open.

EDITORIAL FOOTNOTE: Maybe, the workers at Dairyland can save the dog track, and somehow open the door for a casino at the dog track. Maybe, the Menominee who had partnered with the Mohegans, will get to open a casino. Are the Mohegans at this point out of the deal? Will this happen? What do you think?

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