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Norwich honors Samuel Huntington with wreath-laying
Norwich Bulletin
Posted Jul 12, 2009 @ 11:53 PM
Last update Jul 13, 2009 @ 12:22 AM

Norwich, Conn. — More than 100 people gathered in the Norwichtown Colonial cemetery Sunday to remember Samuel Huntington, the nation’s first president under the Articles of Confederation.

State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and Lt. Col. Peter Jenkin, of the Second Company Governor’s Foot Guard, placed a wreath at Huntington’s tomb.

“It isn’t just that we are remembering a first president or keeping alive a memory of a name,” Blumenthal told the crowd. “We are celebrating a nation that was founded by patriots who gave all.”

Huntington lived from 1731 until 1796, and served as president of Congress during the American Revolution when the Articles of Confederation were adopted. The position was largely ceremonial at that time; the new Constitution defined the first real executive powers.

Huntington signed the Declaration of Independence, served as chief justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court, and served as governor of Connecticut from 1786 until he died.

Bill Stanley of Norwich thanked those who attended Sunday’s event. “I feel very deeply that this is one of our greatest citizens, Samuel Huntington, and all these years he’s been neglected,” Stanley said.

He said he hopes that someday, Huntington will receive a real presidential wreath-laying at his tomb.

Mary Norris, of Norwich, said she’d like to see more attention given to Huntington and others.

“I wish the people of Norwich would promote more all the history that is here,” said Norris, who was involved in the 350th anniversary events. “They did a lot with the 350th anniversary, but I’d like to see more.”

Blumenthal said Huntington’s service is one all can remember and strive to continue.

“We have, as he did ... a sacred obligation,” he told the crowd. “We are the stewards of democracy.”

EDITORIAL FOOTNOTE: Thank you, Mohegan Tribal Members, who attended and drummed and sung at the event. A job well done.

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