Friday, July 10, 2009


Couple arrested in theft of iPhone at casino, neglect

Published on 7/10/2009

Montville - State police arrested a Yonkers, N.Y., couple Wednesday night after a woman reported losing an Apple iPhone at the Mohegan Sun Casino.

The woman told security that she had been at a blackjack pit when she last had the phone. When security reviewed video of the area they saw Mohannad H. Alahmar, 30, and Dina A. Eld, 19, approach the seat where the woman had sat. Security personnel saw Eld put the phone in her pocketbook as Alahmar attempted to conceal the action.

Eld later gave the phone to Alahmar, who took it to a hotel room and attempted to hide it. In the course of their investigation, security and state police discovered that the pair had left two children, four and 10 years old alone in the hotel room for a period of time without supervision.

They were each charged with fourth-degree larceny and leaving a child unattended.

EDITORIAL FOOTNOTE: It seems like crime is on the upswing at the Mohegan Sun. Were the alleged couple being opportunists? Is this a sign of the times? Leaving small children should never happen. It seems to be happening at a lot of places lately. It is really bad that it is happening at the Mohegan Sun. What do you think?

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