Tuesday, July 6, 2010


IRS seeks wide range of information on Seneca Nation spending
Friday, July 2, 2010

The Internal Revenue Service has launched a broad probe into the Seneca Nation, its businesses and its spending, The Buffalo News reports.

The IRS wants the tribe to turn over a wide range of documents, the paper said. The request includes information about payments to President Barry E. Snyder Sr. and other employees, records of per capita payments to tribal members, records of all property leases signed by the tribe, records on all payments by the tribe and reports of any audits of tribal finances.

The paper said the probe centers in spending in the year 2008.

EDITORIAL FOOTNOTE: This article came from indianz.com.

Could the same thing happen to the Mohegan Tribal Government? Does the Mohegan Tribal Council allow tribal members to see how much money they spend on their expense accounts? What about the business deals the MTGA have made in the past and present? Could the B.I. A. become involved also? Will the I.R.S. look at the MTGA? What do you think?

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