Thursday, June 17, 2010


Strange things happen in Uncasville, Connecticut. It makes me remember my dad. He has been gone a long time, but what he said rings true to this day.

My dad used to say, "He was a sleep at the switch."

I always felt it had to do with train switch men. They would at first manually turn the switches for trains. Later there were levers put in towers so the switching then was done inside.

If for some reason the switcher fell asleep or was distracted, the train could end up going down the wrong tracks, to some kind of catastrophe. The switch man would be blamed for not doing the right switching.

How about the engineer of the train? Wouldn't he see that the signal at the switch was wrong too? Maybe they would both be at fault.

Shouldn't the public demand the switch man and the engineer do their very best? The situation can never be allowed to happen.

Shouldn't the people who live in the community be protected by the train company? Are the officials of the train company also responsible?

So do we know anyone who is asleep at the switch? What do you think?

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