Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This is the story of two events that involved, transportation and the effect it had on tribal workers and visitors to the Mohegan Sun.

The first involve a person who took a Grey Hound Bus to the Mohegan Sun, on their way to visit family in Connecticut. He left the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City to the Mohegan Sun Casino (Uncasville, Connecticut). The person purchased a ticket to go to the casino. There were signs telling people to go to Atlantic City and the packages available to the bus riders. There were no posters for the Mohegan Sun Casino or Foxwoods Resort Casino.

The person boarded the bus, enjoyed the trip and ended up at the bus terminal at Mohegan Sun. Other passengers got out of the bus and received free vouchers for free play and the buffet (food ticket). The person asked for the free play and buffet ticket. He was told he didn't get the right ticket. He asked, how would someone know what to do when there are no advertisements in the terminal in N.Y.C., to tell him what to do. Another case of the Mohegan sun worker doing what they were told to do, and sending a possible patron off with a bad taste in their mouths. Poor Business. Not very smart. What do you think?

The other event, is about the famed Electric Chair cars (Ford Escape Hybrids). The Mohegan Tribal Government used them in different departments, including Public Safety and the Mohegan Police Department.

Allegedly, a Public Safety Officer (Security)was driving on Route 32 in Uncasville, when the steering locked up. The Public Safety Officer didn't hit anyone and safely got to the side of the road. More problems, remember, the alleged problems I have talked about in other articles.

Should the Mohegan Tribal Government continue to buy these cars? Are the cars a potential safety hazard for our (the Mohegan Tribe) workers? Should we purchase something else? Didn't the government recently purchase two new Ford Escape Hybrids, to replace two cars removed from service? What do you think?

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