Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Uncasville, Connecticut, August 19. 2009*----As usual, rumors are running wild on the Mohegan Reservation. I don't know if what I am going to talk about is accurate, however, the informants, usually give very reliable information, so here goes.

The number one rumor is that the Mohegan Sun Casino, is going to build a bridge over the roadway on the west side of the complex, to connect the Thames River Garage and the Riverview Garage. How many millions, is this going to cost? Why was the Thames River Garage ever built to begin with? People (customers) never seem to use it anyway. Going both ways back and forth could be a logistical nightmare. What do you think?

Rumor Number two is that when the Tribal Council of the Mohegan Tribe was asked what the interest rate the Mohegan Tribe was paying for their various debts, no Tribal Councilor knew the answer? Did that happen? Is it true? What do you think?

Rumor number three is that the Mohegan flag is not flying over Fort Hill Elder Housing because the government doesn't want to spend the reported $600.00 to $800.00 for the purchase of the Mohegan Flag. The Mohegan Flags are supposedly made of silk, for interior use, and are being used as exterior flags. Why can't the tribe have someone make a flag out of canvas or some other fabric that can withstand the weather?

Rumor number four, is it true that Bruce "Two Dogs" Bozsum's brother, Mike Bozsum, is still parking the white (tribal members call the pimp mobile) van in the casino parking lot over night? Allegedly, tribal members were wearing at the Wigwam, white tee shirts with the Mohegan Symbol on the back and the front of the shirt said something to the effect of VOTE FOR MIKE BOZSUM. Was this really allowed to happen? If it is true, how come the Chairman of the Mohegan Tribal Council is allowing this to happen? Do you know?

Allegation number one, Only one member of either the Mohegan Council of Elders or the Tribal Council showed up on Wednesday, August 12, 2009, event (wild Wednesday) on the Riverview Garage. Is that true? Where were our (the Mohegan Tribe's) elected officials? Where were the Tribal Council Members? Aren't some of these people running for re-election?

Allegation number two, is that allegedly a tribal member using a Freedom of Information Form, requested to know, how much the Tribal Council Members were spending on their expense accounts. He allegedly was told that the information was confidential? Since when is it confidential for a government, not to explain where and how it is spending its' money? This is not a business, but a government. Does it make the Citizens of the government, wonder where the money is going? Could there be abuses in the money being spent? Why wouldn't a government tell you this information? Does the Tribal Council have something to hide?

Allegation number three, is that on the same Freedom of Information Form, the tribal member asked about the $50 thousand dollar ($50,000.00) loan that was given to a government worker, which caused a Ethics Investigation, years ago. We still don't know if it was ever repaid or is being repaid? Is it true, that the tribal member was told that the information was confidential? Do you know? What do you think?

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